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Ngoc Tinh Le Thi, 7 years old, is a pupil of patient class in the Hospital of Tumour HoChiMinh city. This class is an activity of “Ước mơ của Thúy” (Dream of Thuy) program which is organized by Tuoi Tre newspaper. The people who opened this class and also parents of patients desire that their children can read and write at least their names unless they can overcome their cancer.

Ngoc Tinh was born in Binh Dinh, Vietnam and got cancer in August 2006. Spending three years for valence, her body is so weak and she usually has a fever. During the class time, Ngọc Tình is very happy but that happiness is not maintained for a long time. After studying, she has to go back to her world which includes chemical substances, lack of food and lying in a small room.

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All photos by Thuan Thang, Vietnam, September 2009


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